Bhutan: 5. Drink

Bhutan has usual share of larger that all countries of the world produce. Druk, “thunder dragon”, is favorite name for beers also. Druk 11000 sounds fancy.

IMG_5153 IMG_5339 IMG_5532

There is also a local brand of red wine named after national animal dakin (odd-looking short-legged moose). It’s a strong red wine (alcohol content is 16%). There is no mention of grape variety. I cannot comment the taste as bottle is yet to be opened.


Interesting local speciality is “Ara” which is fermented/distilled alcohol. Often homemade from maize or rice. Distilled Ara was maybe stronger than 20% but less than vodka – it was difficult to say as taste was quite smooth. Ara can be served with a scrambled egg which makes it more like a soup – not bad after a long day working on rice paddies. Ara is traditionally kept in tall bamboo container. Below: straight Ara, and Ara à l’oeuf.

IMG_5531   IMG_5514

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