Bhutan: 4. Food

Bhutanese food seemed to be influenced by Tibetan and Indian cuisines: curries and Tibetan momos (dumplings). National dish was Ema datshi or chili cheese which was pleasantly hot. You could eat it as such or with local red rice. Potatoes with cheese was another local speciality.

Ema Datshi    IMG_5313

Chili is an essential part of Bhutanese cuisine and people dry red chilies on their roofs.

IMG_5463  IMG_2369

Local home cooking was solid no-nonsense food to keep people going on high mountains. The plate below is filled with chili-cheese, goat and cow meat, cheese-potatoes, and rice.

IMG_5527  IMG_5525

Visiting local farmers’ market in the capital Thimpu revealed some interesting Bhutanese foods. Rock hard cheese was sold in strings and I guess people usually softened cheese in water. I started to chew one and it took almost 2h to eat it.


Another interesting thing was cow skin that is used in soups. Unfortunately didn’t taste this one.


There were also lots of usual vegetables and fruits, and exotic spices.

IMG_5226   IMG_5209 IMG_5223  IMG_5204

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