Amin Malouf – Le dérègrelement du monde (2009)

Amin Malouf is an author born in Lebanon, moved to Paris in 1970s and is writing in French. Also a member of Académie Française. Malouf’s book is a long essay on the contemporary world’s loss of identity, common values and governability. Common story of world (politics, environment, financial system etc.)  becoming too complicated, inter-dependable and with no clear system of global governance. In face of this new complicated and fragmented world, the countries/civilisations have lost their energy. Malouf’s book begins with interesting ideas and enjoyable french rhetorics. There is interesting idea about cold war world with two clear ideological camps and, in contrast, the current world with different groups bound by identity without any common reference point. With ideas like this Malouf gives a promise about some fascinating solutions to modern day dilemmas. However, as pages go on, Malouf lists different woes of the world. There is of course the clash of civilisations and the conflicts of the Middle-East  The lackluster conclusion seems to be that “we just have to get along with each other”. Malouf raises culture as one key element that can somehow link and unite people. Fine, but you don’t need 300 pages to tell just this.

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